hey thaths.. u there???

it’s such a cliche to write a post, note, a lil something somewhere, when u’ve jus lost a loved one..

ok.. so thatha passed away roughly around this time in the morn.. i have so much to tell , dunno what takes priority though!!!

am gonna keep this straight n simple.. jus as the words flow i want those memories to flash- the time(hardly anything) that i managed to spend with thaths over the last 2 odd yrs when i have grown close to him, arrgg.. lucky Div got to spent 20 yrs with him , from day one.. being near n growing up around him;

today was nice, in a wierd way-the placidity of thatha’s farewell has made me agnize how much i love this family, every single person .. for all that they are and will grow up to be.. the strength we draw from one another under such emotional distress

this whole post is gonna be constrained- am not a very expressive or vocal person especially with matters concerning the heart and the sort of familial bond that thaths n i shared(continue to share) was/is so different.

v oftentimes relate to similar sentiments on varying planes. thaths and i have synonymous opinions on our belief in society and everyone’s role in it, our love for reading,learning and education in general has been remarkably alike, and the sudden spurt in my “staying fit” concept has definitely helped me realize why he spent a whole lot of time standing upside down -also known as sirasasana.

i earned my set of brownie points after joining AIESEC.. after which every event i was a part of , every NGO i visited , every argument i influenced have been lil updates in our hypothetical calender

the time i told him i was applying for the UAE MC.. thaths said.. “That’s such a boring country u kids can’t do WAT U WANNA DO  !!! ” – ‘s when i realised he was way cooler than i will ever be..

between us v have had many firsts,

u enlightened me on homosexuality(whoa.. thaths u r crazy)
u wrote me my 1st comment-corresponding to my piece on child sexual abuse
u made me read my 1st book on Tamil literature
u (almost) called me a rough cut in front of ur colleagues/ co thathas- i dunno wat to call y’all
u made me give my 1st sermon to Div n Aish on “study well guys”.. thanks to u i have moved from being the most  “enshrined” to the most “dreaded” sister

there is so so so much to go.. i ll prob make a part 2  to this one..

oh n thaths do u remember the time u made a joke on patti and her family.. i dunno which one this was .. OMG i was in splits n i knew that my sarcasm trip- is part of my lineage ;u r caustic n u slice ppl apart and u r so adorable when u do that

we went thru all ur pics today(cuz v had to pick one for the obituary).. u were quite cute, i have wished so so so many times i had ur skinny frame, alas i had to take after patti , but i love  the fact that i can effortlessly intimidate over 60% of the men in this country

i have heard u shifted over 20 odd jobs .. u know wat?? u have a successor and  an odd one at that(*wink wink*); am so glad i have u as a precedent cuz i know i ll turn out jus fine . my impermanence n fleeting-ness ..so so so u

u have made me realise how much i love u and how much i love all those  who were by you and around u .. Patti is everything that u could ever wish for in a spouse!!! u shudda seen her today.. strong n funny n weepy n chivalrous all in equal amounts… she has learned to make a joke outta ur annoying traits, a story out of your successes , a comeback-index outta your clever retorts, a great many conversations outta ur incessant litany and a wonderfully strong family outta the love you shared..

there is so much more i wanna say thaths.. but am tired, has been a stressful day.. in a really fun way ok ? !

love u loads.. beshhhtest kichadi maker

good bye

P.S:   History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again– Maya Angelou


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