hey thaths.. u there???

it’s such a cliche to write a post, note, a lil something somewhere, when u’ve jus lost a loved one.. ok.. so thatha passed away roughly around this time in the morn.. i have so much to tell , dunno what takes priority though!!! am gonna keep this straight n simple.. jus as the words […]

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revelations of “The Self” or is it “mulitple selves” ????

Music-maniac; music-ness;music-ity;music-ed;music-ous;music-nous Prone to accidents (@ times think the self itself is one) elegants or is it elegance…? y even coin such complex words? toss over between clumsiness and carelessness lazy to the point of giving “idle” a complex Of food, By food, For food Ex-junkie(not of the drug types…food), current fitness freak(wannabe) sound like… […]

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